Customs of the Americas and Caribbean Region elect their candidate for the WCO

This August 14 the election of the candidate of the Americas and the Caribbean Region to become the new WCO Deputy Secretary General is carried out; the final election is scheduled for December, according to the decision of the Customs Directors Generals in Brussels last July 6.

The candidates to represent the Region in the WCO elections, for the period 2018 – 2022, are Jhon Fonseca Ordoñez, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica and, General Administrator of Customs of the Tax Administration Service of Mexico.

The Depositary Committee for the electoral process was convened at 09:00 hrs. a.m. (local time in Chile). This Committee is composed of Bolivia National Customs, represented by its Executive President, Ms. Marlene Ardaya, and the Head of the International Affairs Unit, Mr. Mauricio Sierra; Regional Secretariat and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Maria Luisa Eichhorst; Acting Director of Chile Customs, Pablo Ibáñez and the Head of International affairs department, Fabián Villarroel, on behalf of Regional Vice-chair.

In-person voting was conducted at the National Customs Service of Chile, where the representatives of Bolivia, United States and Chile Customs Administrations have already voted.

The online voting will be open until 19:00 hrs. (time in Chile); the Customs Administrations of Bolivia, United Sates and Chile will monitor this process.  The results will be announced after 20:00 hours.